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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
604675 Pelargonic Acid AR (Nonanoic Acid) 112-05-0 Specs MSDS
MS 2200 PEMBA Supplement N.A Specs MSDS
PCT2542 Pendimethalin Plant Culture Tested 40487-42-1 Specs MSDS
DM2788 Penicillin and Pimaricin Pseudomonas Agar?Base (PP Pseudomonas Agar Base) N.A Specs MSDS
TC1187 Penicillin G Potassium 99.0% Salt Cell Culture Tested 1 million units per vial Potency : 1400-1680 U/mg 113-98-4 Specs MSDS
PCT2132 Penicillin G Sodium Salt 1 million units/vI Plant Culture Tested Potency : 1500-1750 IU/mg 69-57-8 Specs MSDS
TC1020 Penicillin G Sodium SaltCell Culture Tested1 million units/vl Recommended for use in cell cultureapplications at 100000 U/LPotency : 1500-1750 IU/mg 69-57-8 Specs MSDS
A01004 Penicillin-Streptomycin Powder w/ 5000 units Penicillin, 5mg Streptomycin per ml in 0.9% normal saline when reconstituted with sterile tissue culture grade water to indicated volume N.A Specs MSDS
MS 2260 Penta Mix N.A Specs MSDS
DM2172 Pentachloro Rose Bengal Yeast Extract Agar Base (PRYES Agar) N.A Specs MSDS
029450 Pentaerythritol for Synthesis 115-77-5 Specs MSDS
184865 Pentaethylenehexamine for Synthesis (PEHA) 4067-16-7 Specs MSDS
604985 Pentane ?Dry? AR 109-66-0 Specs MSDS
TC1686 Pepsin (Bovine) Cell Culture Tested Activity 140U/mg 9001-75-6 Specs MSDS
185075 Pepsin 1:10000 9001-75-6 Specs MSDS
185080 Pepsin 1:10000 for Vaccine Production 9001-75-6 Specs MSDS
039032 Pepsin 1:3000 (From porcine stomach) 9001-75-6 Specs MSDS
BC 2031 Peptone Certified N.A Specs MSDS
PCT1407 Peptone From Meat Plant Culture Tested 91079-38-8 Specs MSDS
044516 Peptone Granular Bacto N.A Specs MSDS
DM 1440 Peptone Iron Agar N.A Specs MSDS
VM1440 Peptone Iron MiVeg™ Agar N.A Specs MSDS
044075 Peptone Powder Bacto N.A Specs MSDS
DM2748 Peptone Salt Solution 0.1% N.A Specs MSDS
DM 2231 Peptone Sorbitol Bile Broth N.A Specs MSDS
VM2231 Peptone Sorbitol MiVeg™ Broth N.A Specs MSDS
BA 2015 Peptone Special (Special Peptone) N.A Specs MSDS
BA 2667 Peptone Type I, Bacteriological N.A Specs MSDS
BA 9709 Peptone Type III, Bacteriological N.A Specs MSDS
PCT1406 Peptone Veg No.1 Plant Culture Tested 91079-38-8 Specs MSDS
DM 1028 Peptone Water N.A Specs MSDS
DM1028S Peptone Water N.A Specs MSDS
DM1028G Peptone Water (Gamma Irradiated) N.A Specs MSDS
DM 1028I Peptone Water w/ Phenol Red N.A Specs MSDS
DM3124 Peptone water, Double Buffered N.A Specs MSDS
MG3124 Peptone water, granulated, double buffered N.A Specs MSDS
DM1463AI Peptone Water, Indole Free N.A Specs MSDS
DM 1670 Peptone Yeast Dextrose Agar (Cantino) N.A Specs MSDS
DM 1671 Peptone Yeast Dextrose Broth (Cantino) N.A Specs MSDS
BA 2001 Peptone, Bacteriological N.A Specs MSDS
BA 8190 Peptone, Cell Culture grade N.A Specs MSDS
BC 2001 Peptone, Certified N.A Specs MSDS
BA 2275 Peptonized Milk N.A Specs MSDS
DM 1442 Peptonized Milk Agar N.A Specs MSDS
874630 Perchloric Acid 0.01N Solution (0.01N) N.A Specs MSDS
874640 Perchloric Acid 0.1 N Solution (N/10) (in glacial Acetic Acid for non-aqueous titration) N.A Specs MSDS
874680 Perchloric Acid 20% N.A Specs MSDS
605075 Perchloric Acid 60% AR 7601-90-3 Specs MSDS
970400 Perchloric Acid 60% For Molecular Biology: 60-62% 7601-90-3 Specs MSDS
762785 Perchloric Acid 70% Acipur for Trace Metal Analysis 7601-90-3 Specs MSDS