Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents that are applied to non-living objects to destroy microorganisms that are living on the objects.[1] Disinfection does not necessarily kill all microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores; it is less effective than sterilization, which is an extreme physical and/or chemical process that kills all types of life.[1] Disinfectants are different from other antimicrobial agents such as antibiotics, which destroy microorganisms within the body, and antiseptics, which destroy microorganisms on living tissue. Disinfectants are also different from biocides – the latter are intended to destroy all forms of life, not just microorganisms. Disinfectants work by destroying the cell wall of microbes or interfering with the metabolism

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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
DI280 AIROX-ED005 (Air and surface spray disinfectant solution for preventing cross infection) N.A Specs MSDS
021495 Benzalkonium Chloride 50% Solution 63449-41-2 Specs MSDS
DI032 BIOSHELL-HWSO9 (Hand Wash Soap) N.A Specs MSDS
DI910 Dw009 (Dish Wash) N.A Specs MSDS
DI918 FCL09 (Fabric Cleaner Liquid) N.A Specs MSDS
DI927 FCP09 (Fabric Cleaner Powder) N.A Specs MSDS
FW009 FW009 (floor wash) N.A Specs MSDS
DI963 GC009 (Glass Cleaner) N.A Specs MSDS
839600 Glutaraldehyde 2% Solution in water N.A Specs MSDS
839610 Glutaraldehyde 8% Solution in Water Fixing Agent N.A Specs MSDS
036080 Glutaraldehyde Soln. 25% 111-30-8 Specs MSDS
DI819 ID090 (Aldehyde Free High level Disinfectant for medical devices) N.A Specs MSDS
DI837 ID099 (For high level disinfection) N.A Specs MSDS
849990 Iodofor N.A Specs MSDS
849995 Iodophor-FD N.A Specs MSDS
DI810 LABROX-ID072 (2.4% Glutaraldehyde Solution for High Level Disinfection) N.A Specs MSDS
DI675 LABROX-LD009 (Disinfectant Solution for heat sensitive Lab ware) N.A Specs MSDS
033218 Lysol (Cresol and Soap Solution) 12772-68-8 Specs MSDS
DI770 MEDROX-ID018 (Multi Enzyme Cleaner for Surgical, Medical & Dental Instruments) N.A Specs MSDS
DI050 MICROSHELL-HWG09 Dispenser Pump (Instant hand Sanitizer) N.A Specs MSDS
DI774 RUROX-ID045 (High Efficiency Rust Remover) N.A Specs MSDS
DI500 SD005 (Disinfectant Cleaner for Floors & Hard Surfaces) N.A Specs MSDS
DI541 SD014 (Disinfectant for hospital, hotels, food and pharmaceutical industry) N.A Specs MSDS
DI5411 SD014 (Disinfectant for hospital, hotels, food and pharmaceutical industry) N.A Specs MSDS
DI325 SILROX-10 (Aerial Fumigant,Surface and Water Disinfectant Solution) ED009 N.A Specs MSDS
D0I325 SILROX-10 (ED009) N.A Specs MSDS
889940 Soap Solution (For Water Hardness Determination) N.A Specs MSDS
DI792 STEROX-ID063 (High level Surgical Instrument Sterilizing and Disinfectant Solution) N.A Specs MSDS
DI522 SURFOX-SD009 (Disinfectant Solution for Floors & Hard Surfaces) N.A Specs MSDS
DI936 TC009 (Toilet Cleaner) N.A Specs MSDS
DI945 TW009 (Tiles Wash) N.A Specs MSDS