Manufacturing Facilities Solids

Our tireless efforts to maintain consistent quality

CDH is recognized as a benchmark for wide range of products of high purity. Our Analytical Reagent grade is in compliance to the specification of IP, BP, USP and EP grades. We also produce MB (Molecular Biology Reagents), Reagents for Microbiology, Reagents for Biochemistry, etc. using superior quality raw material. During manufacturing our team of engineers ensures that the quality and purity of each product is as per specification by conducting series of tests at different stages of production. Environmental & Safety concerns are also taken into account.

Our production operation offers a wide range of products under one roof. Our engineers and chemists employ variety of ultra modern techniques for the development of new products.


Manufacturing Facilities Solids

Equipments Capacity
S.S. Evaporating pan jacketed 1000L
S.S. Evaporating pan jacketed 750L
S.S. Jacketed crystalliser pan 500L
Glasslined Jacketed evaporating pan 500L
Glasslined Jacketed evaporating pan 50L
S.S. Evaporating pan jacketed 50L
S.S. 316 High pressure autoclave
S.S Vibrator / Shifter
S.S. Centrifuge Basket size dia 24, 18, 10
S.S 316 Nutsche filter 250 L
S.S 316 Nutsche filter 130 L
Steam heated tray dryer 12 tray
Steam heated tray dryer 24 tray
Steam / Electric heated tray dryer 48 tray