Cell dissociation products

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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
TC1037 Catalase Source : Bovine Liver Cell Culture Tested Activity : 100000 U/mg protein 9001-05-2 Specs MSDS
TC1280 Collagenase Animal Origin Free Cell Culture Tested Activity : 150 units per mg of dry weight (9001-12-1) Specs MSDS
TC1253 Collagenase Purified, 50 Caseinase units/mg Chromatographically purified collagenase which is specially purified to reduce caseinase activity and provide high specific activity. It is typically used for pancreatic and parotid acini isolations and collagen (9001-12-1) Specs MSDS
TC1211 Collagenase Type I Source : Clostridium histolyticum Suggested for epithelial, liver, lung and adrenal primary cell isolations Cell Culture Tested (9001-12-1) Specs MSDS
TC1212 Collagenase Type II Clostridopeptidase A) Source : Clostridium histolyticum Suggested for bone, heart, liver, thyroid and salivary primary cell isolation Cell Culture Tested (9001-12-1) Specs MSDS
TC1214 Collagenase Type IV Source : Clostridium histolyticum Prepared to contain lower tryptic activity levels to limit damage to membrane proteins and receptors but with normal to above normal collagenase activity, Suggested for pancreatic islet primary isolati (9001-12-1) Specs MSDS
TC1303 Dispase 42613-33-2 Specs MSDS
TC1311 Elastase Suitable for the isolation of Type II lung cells Cell Culture Tested Activity : 3 Units/mg Protein 39445-21-1 Specs MSDS
TC1331 Hyaluronidase Cell Culture Tested Activity : 400 - 1000 units/mg solid 37326-33-3 Specs MSDS
TC1245G Trypsin 1:250 Powder Gamma irradiated Source : Porcine Pancreas Cell Culture Tested 1000-1500 BAEE units/mg (9002-07-7) Specs MSDS
TC1245 Trypsin 1:250 Powder Source : Porcine Pancreas Cell Culture Tested1000-1500 BAEE units/mg (9002-07-7) Specs MSDS
TC1318 Trypsin inhibitor from Lima bean Cell Culture Tested Source Lima Bean 9035-81-8 Specs MSDS
TC1251 Trypsin Inhibitor, Powder Source : Soyabean Cell Culture Tested 7000 BAEE units of inhibition/mg 9035-81-8 Specs MSDS
TC1485 Trypsin Recombinant, Porcine Source : E,coli Cell Culture Tested (9002-07-7) Specs MSDS
TC1598 Trypsin Source : Bovine Pancreas Cell Culture Tested (9002-07-7) Specs MSDS