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Dehydrated Culture Media

Dehydrated Culture Media MICROGEN dehydrated culture media products are made of high quality ingredients so as to produce maximum good results as expected by our customers. It is of great significance to know the functions and reactions of a particular ingredient and its interaction with other ingredients in a media. Here arises the necessity of strict evaluation of the ingredients. In MICROGEN each and every culture media ingredient undergoes thorough testing prior to manufacturing by our well-equipped and highly efficient quality control department. Maximum quality control measures are taken throughout the manufacturing process to give the desired results. It will be our greatest effort to provide products of maximum attainable quality to our customers. We serve a wide range of dehydrated culture media products to meet the various requirements of Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Cosmetics, Water Treatment, Public Health and Medical Microbiology departments. We are leading microbiological dehydrated culture media manufacturers & suppliers in Delhi India.
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Product Code Product Name Technical Data MSDS
DM 2034 *Anaerobic CNA Agar Base Specs MSDS
DM 1874 A-1 Broth Specs MSDS
DM 1231 AATCC Bacteriostasis Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1221 AATCC Bacteriostasis Broth (FDA Broth) Specs MSDS
DM 1232 AATCC Mineral Salts Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1337 AC Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1875 AC Broth Specs MSDS
DM 2033 Acetamide Agar (Twin Pack) Specs MSDS
DM 1148 Acetamide Broth (Twin Pack) Specs MSDS
DM 2370 Acetamide Nutrient Broth (Twin Pack) Specs MSDS
DM 2225 Acetate Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1339 Acetate Differential Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1238 Acetobacter Agar (Glucose) Specs MSDS
DM 1370 Acetobacter Agar (Mannitol) Specs MSDS
DM 1346 Acetobacter Agar w/Liver Extract Specs MSDS
DM 2208 Acid Broth Specs MSDS
DM 1341 Actinomyces Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1233 Actinomyces Broth Specs MSDS
DM 1855 Adams Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1884 Aeromonas Isolation Medium Base Specs MSDS
DM 1234 AK Agar No.2 (Sporulating Agar) (Arret and Kirshbaum Medium) see AK Agar No. 2 Specs MSDS
DM 1343 Algae Culture Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1342 Algae Culture Broth Specs MSDS
DM 1618I Alkaline Peptone Water Specs MSDS
DM 1618S Alkaline Peptone Water Specs MSDS
DM 1618 Alkaline Peptone Water Specs MSDS
DM 1010 Alternative Thioglycollate Medium (Thioglycollate Broth, Alternative) Specs MSDS
DM 1651 Amies Transport Medium w/Charcoal Specs MSDS
DM 1235 Ammonium Phosphate Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1228 Anaerobic Agar Specs MSDS
DM 1491 Anaerobic Agar (Brewer) Specs MSDS
DM 1230 Anaerobic Agar w/o Dextrose Specs MSDS
DM 1229 Anaerobic Agar w/o Dextrose and Eh lndicator Specs MSDS
DM 2345 Anaerobic Blood Agar Base Specs MSDS
DM 1902 Anaerobic Egg Agar Base Specs MSDS
DM 1978 Anaerobic Fermentation Medium Base Specs MSDS
DM 1885S Andrade Peptone Water Specs MSDS
DM 1885 Andrade Peptone Water Specs MSDS
DM 1909 Andrade Peptone Water w/Meat Extract Specs MSDS
DM 1004 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 11 (Neomycin, Erythromycin Assay Agar) (Erythromycin Seed Agar) Specs MSDS
DM 1555 Antibiotic Assay Medium C Specs MSDS
DM 1556 Antibiotic Assay Medium D Specs MSDS
DM 2347 Antibiotic Assay Medium E Specs MSDS
DM 1923 Antibiotic Assay Medium F Specs MSDS
DM 1991 Antibiotic Assay Medium L-AOAC Specs MSDS
DM 1992 Antibiotic Assay Medium M-AOAC Specs MSDS
DM 1003 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 1 (Seed Agar) (Antibiotic Assay Medium-A) Specs MSDS
DM 1225 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 10 (Polymyxin Seed Agar) Specs MSDS
DM 1280 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 12 (Nystatin Assay Agar) Specs MSDS
DM 1101 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 19 Specs MSDS