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Analytical Reagent

Analytical Reagent

Analytical Reagents Products conforming to the highest international standards for Analytical and Research work of the most responsible character. The trace impurities in these Products are restricted to the lowest possible limits for the utmost precision in laboratory work. We have designed a lot of products to meet the analytical specifications of IP, BP, USP,EP to fulfill the requirements of Pharma Industry. CDH offers a wide wide range of analytical reagents for wet chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, analytical microbiology, microscopy, titration, water quality control, and electrochemistry. Our offering includes high purity acids, bases, and solvents, and special reagents for all kind of analytical applications.

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Product Code Product Name CAS Technical Data MSDS
606025 1,10-Phenanthroline (Monohydrate) AR Redox Indicator 5144-89-8 Specs MSDS
606035 1,10-Phenanthroline Hydrochloride AR 18851-33-7 Specs MSDS
516535 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazone AR 538-62-5 Specs MSDS
013053 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazide 140-22-7 Specs MSDS
516525 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazide AR 140-22-7 Specs MSDS
078400 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazone 538-62-5 Specs MSDS
596575 3-Nitro Phenol Indicator AR (m-Nitrophenol) 554-84-7 Specs MSDS
594865 4-Nitro Aniline AR for Determination Of Phenol 100-01-6 Specs MSDS
020076 a-Naphtholphthalein pH Indicator 596-01-0 Specs MSDS
800100 Acetate Buffer Solution pH 4.6 pH (as such) pH 4.6�0.2 N.A Specs MSDS
800105 Acetate Buffer TS acc. To USP N.A Specs MSDS
800240 Acetic Acid 0.1M (0.1N) Volumetric Solution N.A Specs MSDS
800260 Acetic Acid 2M (2N) Volumetric Solution N.A Specs MSDS
004100 Alizarin Cyanin Green G 4403-90-1 Specs MSDS
452905 Alizarin pH indicator AR 72-48-0 Specs MSDS
452910 Alizarin Red S AR 130-22-3 Specs MSDS
013005 Alizarin Red S pH Indicator 130-22-3 Specs MSDS
802720 Alizarin Red Solution 0.1 % w/v (Alizarin alcohol Solution) N.A Specs MSDS
013006 Alizarin Yellow GG 584-42-9 Specs MSDS
453645 Alizarin Yellow R AR for Microscopy 2243-76-7 Specs MSDS
004300 Alkali Blue (6B) (pH Indicator) 30586-13-1 Specs MSDS
802725 Alkali Blue (6B) Solution 0.1% in Alcohol N.A Specs MSDS
802727 Alkali Blue Solution Indicator for Neutralization and Saponification Number acc. to DIN 51558/559 N.A Specs MSDS
804600 Ammonia 0.1M (0.1N) Volumetric Solution Nist Traceable N.A Specs MSDS
804500 Ammonia Buffer Solution N.A Specs MSDS
804550 Ammonia Buffer Solution for Hardness of Water Determination N.A Specs MSDS
805100 Ammonium Ceric Nitrate N/20 Soln. Normality 0.05 � 0.0005 N.A Specs MSDS
805450 Ammonium Iron (II) Sulphate Nist Traceable N.A Specs MSDS
805850 Ammonium Sulphate 0.5M (1N) Volumetric Solution Nist Traceable N.A Specs MSDS
806100 Ammonium Thiocyanate 0.1M/ (0.1N) CTITRINORM Volumetric Soln. N.A Specs MSDS
806150 Ammonium Thiocyanate 1M (1N) Volumetric Solution Nist Traceable N.A Specs MSDS
806250 Andrade's Indicator N.A Specs MSDS
808050 Barium Chloride 0.1M (0.2N) Volumetric Solution Nist Traceable N.A Specs MSDS
461865 Barium Diphenylamine Sulphonate AR Redox Indicator 6211-24-1 Specs MSDS
808500 Barium Perchlorate 0.005 M/lit Iso Propanol/Water N.A Specs MSDS
027200 Borax Carmine (Grenacher) (powder) (M.S.)Bromo Cresol Green-Methyl Red.Indicator N.A Specs MSDS
810600 Borax Carmine Alcoholic Solution N.A Specs MSDS
810620 Borax Carmine Aqueous Solution N.A Specs MSDS
811283 Bromide Bromate Volumetric Solution 0.025 M (0.5N) N.A Specs MSDS
811281 Bromide Bromate Volumetric Solution 0.05 M (0.1N) N.A Specs MSDS
812590 Buffer Solution pH 1.0 N.A Specs MSDS
812760 Buffer Solution pH 10.0 on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812770 Buffer Solution pH 12.0 on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812600 Buffer Solution pH 2.0 (Citrate) on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812610 Buffer Solution pH 3.0 (Citrate) on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812620 Buffer Solution pH 4.0 (Phthalate) on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812630 Buffer Solution pH 4.0 Citrisol Concentrated on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812640 Buffer Solution pH 5.0 (Citrate) on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812650 Buffer Solution pH 6.0 (Acetate) on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS
812660 Buffer Solution pH 6.0 (Citrate) on receipt store at 2-8 N.A Specs MSDS