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Biological buffers

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    Product Code Product Name CAS Technical Data MSDS
    TC1042 BES Buffer, Free Acid (NN-bis[2-Hydroxyethyl]-2- aminoethanesulphonic acid; 2-[bis(2- Hydroxyethyl)amino]-ethanesulfonic acid) Cell Culture Tested 10191-18-1 Specs MSDS
    TC1043 BIS TRIS (bis[2-Hydroxy Methyl]amino-tris (hydroxyethyl) methane; 2-bis[2-Hydroxyethyl] amino-2-[2-Hydroxy Methyl]-1,3 propanediol Cell Culture Tested 6976-37-0 Specs MSDS
    TC1267 BIS-TRIS propane 1,3-Bis[tris(hydroxy methyl) methylamino] propane Cell Culture Tested 64431-96-5 Specs MSDS
    TC1578 di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate Ammonium monohydrogen dibasic Cell Culture Tested 7783-28-0 Specs MSDS
    TC1596 di-Potassium HydrogenPhosphate Anhydrous (di-Potassium phosphatePotassium Hydrogen Phosphate 97.0% Cell Culture Tested (7758-11-4) Specs MSDS
    TC1051 di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous (Sodium phosphate dibasic; Disodiumphosphate) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 7558-79-4 Specs MSDS
    TC1507 di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate (Sodium phosphate dibasic dihydrateCell Culture Tested 99.0% 10028-24-7 Specs MSDS
    TC1508 di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dodecahydrate (Sodium phosphate dibasicdodecahydrate) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 10039-32-4 Specs MSDS
    TC1044 Ethanolamine Hydrochloride 99.0% (2-Aminoethanol; 2-Amino ethyl alcohol; Monoethanolamine) Cell Culture Tested 2002-24-6 Specs MSDS
    TC1061 Glycyl Glycine 99.0% (Gly-Gly) Cell Culture Tested 556-50-3 Specs MSDS
    TC1065 Glycyl-L-Glutamine Monohydrate 98.0% Cell Culture Tested 172669-64-6 Specs MSDS
    TC1050 HEPES Free Acid 99.0% [N-(2Hydroxyethyl)-piperazine-N'-(2-ethane sulphonic acid)] 7365-45-9 Specs MSDS
    TC1066 HEPES Sodium Salt 99.0% [N-2Hydroxyethyl)-piperazine-N�-(2-ethanesulfonic acid) sodium salt] Cell Culture Tested 75277-39-3 Specs MSDS
    TC1063 HEPPS 99.0% (EPPS) [N-2Hydroxyethyl)-piperazine-N’-(3-propanesulfonic acid] Cell Culture Tested 16052-06-5 Specs MSDS
    TC1268 MES Sodium Salt 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 71119-23-8 Specs MSDS
    TC1067 MOPS Free Acid 99.0% [3-(N-Morpholino)-propanesulphonic acid) Cell Culture Tested 1132-61-2 Specs MSDS
    TC1269 MOPS Sodium Salt 98.0% [3-(N-Morpholino)-propanesulphonic acid) Cell Culture Tested 71119-22-7 Specs MSDS
    TC1270 PIPES Buffer Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 5625-37-6 Specs MSDS
    TC1011 Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous (Potassium phosphate monobasic;Monopotassium phosphate) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 7778-77-0 Specs MSDS
    TC1023 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous [Acetic acid sodium salt) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 127-09-3 Specs MSDS
    TC1230 Sodium Bicarbonate See Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Cell Culture Tested 99.5% 144-55-8 Specs MSDS
    TC1068 Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Monohydrate ( Sodium phosphate monobasic;Monosodium phosphate) Cell Culture Tested 10049-21-5 Specs MSDS
    TC1459 Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Anhydrous98.0% Cell Culture Tested 7558-80-7 Specs MSDS
    TC1271 TAPS Buffer Cell Culture Tested 99.5% 29915-38-6 Specs MSDS
    TC1272 TAPSO Buffer 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 68399-81-5 Specs MSDS
    TC1273 TES Buffer 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 7365-44-8 Specs MSDS
    TC1069 Tricine Cell Culture Tested [N-Tris[Hydroxymethyl]-methyl-glycine); (N-[2-Hydroxy-1,1-bis-(hydroxymethyl)ethylglycine)99.0% (5704-04-1) Specs MSDS
    TC1072 Tris Base [Tris(hydroxymethyl) aminomethane] 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 77-86-1 Specs MSDS
    TC1073 Tris Hydrochloride [Tris(hydroxymethyl) aminomethane] hydrochloride]98.0% Cell Culture Tested 1185-53-1 Specs MSDS