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Cell Culture Tested Chemical
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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
TC1698 SDS (Dodecyl sulphate sodium salt) Cell Culture Tested N.A Specs MSDS
TC1023M Sodium Acetate Anhydrous (Acetic acid sodium salt, Sodiumacetate Meets USP 41-NF 36 127-09-3 Specs MSDS
TC1023 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous [Acetic acid sodium salt) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 127-09-3 Specs MSDS
TC1456M Sodium Acetate Trihydrate ( Acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17 and BP 2016 6131-90-4 Specs MSDS
TC1456 Sodium Acetate Trihydrate (Acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate Cell Culture Tested) 98.0% 6131-90-4 Specs MSDS
TC1704 Sodium Azide Cell Culture Tested 26628-22-8 Specs MSDS
TC1230M Sodium Bicarbonate (Sodium hydrogen carbonate) Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17and BP 2016 144-55-8 Specs MSDS
TC1230 Sodium Bicarbonate See Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Cell Culture Tested 99.5% 144-55-8 Specs MSDS
TC1471 Sodium Butyrate( Butyric acid sodium salt trihydrate) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 156-54-7 Specs MSDS
TC1046 Sodium Chloride Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 7647-14-5 Specs MSDS
TC1046M Sodium Chloride Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17and BP 2016 7647-14-5 Specs MSDS
TC1526M Sodium Citrate Anhydrous Meets USP 41-NF 36 68-04-2 Specs MSDS
TC1068 Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Monohydrate ( Sodium phosphate monobasic;Monosodium phosphate) Cell Culture Tested 10049-21-5 Specs MSDS
TC1460 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (Caustic Soda) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 1310-73-2 Specs MSDS
TC1460M Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (Caustic Soda) Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17 and BP 2016 1310-73-2 Specs MSDS
TC1581M Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate Meets EP 9.0 and and BP 2016 10102-40-6 Specs MSDS
TC1459M Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Anhydrous (Monosodium dihydrogenorhtophosphate, Monosodiumphosphate, anhydrous Meets USP 41-NF 36 and BP 2016 7558-80-7 Specs MSDS
TC1459 Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Anhydrous98.0% Cell Culture Tested 7558-80-7 Specs MSDS
TC1169 Sodium Selenite 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 10102-18-8 Specs MSDS
TC1169E Sodium Selenite Anhydrous Meets EP 9.0 10102-18-8 Specs MSDS
TC1219 Sodium Succinate Hexahydrate 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 6106-21-4 Specs MSDS
TC1572M Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0 BP 2016 7757-82-6 Specs MSDS
TC1347 Sodium Taurodeoxycholate Hydrate 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 207737-97-1 Specs MSDS
TC1599 Span 80, Vaccine Grade 1338-43-8 Specs MSDS
TC1408 Sparfloxacin Cell Culture Tested 98.5% 110871-86-8 Specs MSDS
TC1034 Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride Cell Culture Tested Potency : 603 mg/mg 22189-32-8 Specs MSDS
TC1276 Spermidine 98.0% Cell Culture Tested 124-20-9 Specs MSDS
TC1275 Spermine (Free base) Cell Culture Tested 96% 71-44-3 Specs MSDS
TC1279 Sphingomyelin Cell Culture Tested : Bovine brain 98% 85187-10-6 Specs MSDS
TC1384 Stearic Acid 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 57-11-4 Specs MSDS
TC1035 Streptomycin Sulphate Cell Culture Tested Potency : 730 Units/mg 3810-74-0 Specs MSDS
TC1418 Streptozotocin N-(methyl nitroso carbamoyl)-a-D-glucosamine98.0% Cell Culture Tested 18883-66-4 Specs MSDS
TC1047 Succinic Acid, Free Acid 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 110-15-6 Specs MSDS
TC1048 Sucrose Cell Culture Tested 57-50-1 Specs MSDS
TC1048M Sucrose D-(+)-Saccharose, Sugar Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17BP 2016 57-50-1 Specs MSDS
TC1693 Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Cell Culture Tested Activity : NLT 1000U/mg 9054-89-1 Specs MSDS