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Hematology & Histology

Hematology & Histology

CDH has been offering a wide range for dyes and stains to the research and clinical laboratory community. Our commitment to Histology, Cytology and Hematology professionals has grown with our expanded product line of certified stains. CDH guarantees stain performance and quality for all our stains and reagents. All our products must meet the most stringent quality control standards, including tissue and/or cell performance testing, before release.

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Product Code Product Name CAS Technical Data MSDS
159745 m-Methyl Red 20691-84-3 Specs MSDS
587445 M.T.T. Tetrazolium AR 298-93-1 Specs MSDS
568505 Magneson I AR Sensitivity: detects 1ppm Mg 74-39-5 Specs MSDS
568510 Magneson II AR Reagent for Mg 5290-62-0 Specs MSDS
145500 Malachite Green for Microscopy (Malachite Green Oxalate) 2437-29-8 Specs MSDS
863430 Malachite Green solution 1% w/v N.A Specs MSDS
147525 Martius Yellow for Microscopy C. I. No. 10315 605-69-6 Specs MSDS
034046 May And Grunwald's Stain for Microscopy N.A Specs MSDS
863970 May Grunwald's Eosin-Methylene Blue Solution N.A Specs MSDS
864070 Mayer's Mucicarmine Staining Solution N.A Specs MSDS
582025 Metanil Yellow AR 587-98-4 Specs MSDS
034047 Methyl Blue for Microscopy C.l. No. 42780 28983-56-4 Specs MSDS
156555 Methyl Green for Microscopical Staining (C.I. 42585) N.A Specs MSDS
865850 Methyl Orange Indicator Solution N.A Specs MSDS
865855 Methyl Orange Mixed Indicator Solution N.A Specs MSDS
020065 Methyl Orange pH Indicator C.I. No. 13025 547-58-0 Specs MSDS
865895 Methyl Purple (pH Indicator) Solution AR N.A Specs MSDS
586085 Methyl Red AR/ACS pH Indicator 493-52-7 Specs MSDS
866040 Methyl Red Indicator Solution N.A Specs MSDS
159765 Methyl Red pH Indicator Certified Grade (C.I. No. 13020) 493-52-7 Specs MSDS
159785 Methyl Red Sodium Salt (Water Soluble) 845-10-3 Specs MSDS
586125 Methyl Thymol Blue (pH Indicator) AR (Methyl Red Thymol Blue) pH indicator) (Methyl red thymol blue) N.A Specs MSDS
020071 Methyl Thymol Blue Complexone Indicator For Complexometric titration 1945-77-3 Specs MSDS
866180 Methyl Violet Aqueous Solution N.A Specs MSDS
865630 Methylene Blue Alkaline (Loffler's) N.A Specs MSDS
865650 Methylene Blue Aqueous Staining Solution N.A Specs MSDS
585205 Methylene Blue for Microscopy AR 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
034048 Methylene Blue for Microscopy C.l. No. 52015 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
865670 Methylene Blue Gabbots Solution N.A Specs MSDS
155795 Methylene Blue Polychrome (M.S.) 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
865710 Methylene Blue Tablet for Milk Testing 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
587185 Morin AR Reagent for Al, Be, Sn, Ti, Oz 6472-38-4 Specs MSDS
240825 N,N,N'N'-Tetramethyl Diamino Diphenyl Methane for Synthesis 101-61-1 Specs MSDS
030386 n,n,n,n-Tetramethyl-p-Phenylene Hydrochloride 637-01-4 Specs MSDS
514925 N,N-Dimethyl P-Phenylenediamine Dihydrochloride AR 536-46-9 Specs MSDS
076065 N,N-Dimethyl-4-Nitrosoaniline for Synthesis 138-89-6 Specs MSDS
034055 Naphthol Green B for Microscopy C.I. No. 10020 19381-50-1 Specs MSDS
167085 Naphthol Orange for Microscopy 523-44-4 Specs MSDS
592855 Naphthoresorcinol AR (1,3-Dihydroxynaphthalene) 132-86-5 Specs MSDS
868500 Neisser's Metachromatic Stains kit N.A Specs MSDS
868520 Neisser's Stain A Soln. (Methylene Blue) N.A Specs MSDS
868530 Neisser's Stain B Soln. (Crystal Violet) N.A Specs MSDS
868540 Neisser's Stain C Soln. (Chrysodine) N.A Specs MSDS
593630 Neutral Red AR (pH Indicator) C.l. No. 50040 (Neutral Red Chloride) 553-24-2 Specs MSDS
868790 Neutral Red pH Indicator Solution N.A Specs MSDS
034184 New Fuchsin for Microscopy 3248-91-7 Specs MSDS
167905 New Methylene Blue 1934-16-3 Specs MSDS
868820 Newman's Stain Soln. N.A Specs MSDS
024897 Night Blue for Microscopy C.I. 44085 4692-38-0 Specs MSDS
034131 Nigrosin (Alcohol soluble) 11099-03-9 Specs MSDS