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Cell Culture Tested Chemical
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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
TC1124 D-(-)-Fructose 99.5% (Fruit sugar) Cell Culture Tested 57-48-7 Specs MSDS
TC1168 D-(-)-Ribose Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 50-69-1 Specs MSDS
TC1170 D-(-)-Sorbitol 98.0% Cell Culture Tested 50-70-4 Specs MSDS
TC1170M D-(-)-Sorbitol Polyhydric alcohol; D- Glucitol; Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17 BP 2016 50-70-4 Specs MSDS
TC1126 D-(+)-Galactosamine Hydrochloride 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 1772-03-8 Specs MSDS
TC1127 D-(+)-Galactose Anhydrous 98.0% Cell Culture Tested 59-23-4 Specs MSDS
TC1127M D-(+)-Galactose Anhydrous Meets EP 9.0 and BP 2016 testing specifications 59-23-4 Specs MSDS
TC1129 D-(+)-Glucosamine Hydrochloride 98.0% Cell Culture Tested 66-84-2 Specs MSDS
TC1130M D-(+)-Glucose Anhydrous (Dextrose) Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17 and BP 2016 testing specifications 50-99-7 Specs MSDS
TC1130 D-(+)-Glucose Anhydrous 99.0% (Dextrose anhydrous) Cell Culture Tested 50-99-7 Specs MSDS
TC1208 D-(+)-Glucose Monohydrate 99.0% (Dextrose monohydrate) Cell Culture Tested 14431-43-7 Specs MSDS
TC1150 D-(+)-Mannose 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 3458-28-4 Specs MSDS
TC1162 D-(+)-Raffinose Pentahydrate (Melitose; Melitriose)98.0% Cell Culture Tested 17629-30-0 Specs MSDS
TC1177M D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Mycose, Tremalose Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17and BP 2016 6138-23-4 Specs MSDS
TC1096 D-Biotin (Vitamin B7, Vitamin H) Cell Culture Tested 58-85-5 Specs MSDS
TC1128 D-Glucuronic Acid Sodium Salt Monohydrate 98% (Sodium glucoronate) Cell Culture Tested 207300-70-7 Specs MSDS
TC1491 D-Lactate Dehydrogenase Cell Culture Tested 9028-36-8 Specs MSDS
TC1728 D-Luciferin, Free Acid Cell Culture Tested 2951-17-5 Specs MSDS
TC1513 D-Mannitol 99.0% (Mannite) Cell Culture Tested 69-65-8 Specs MSDS
TC1513M D-Mannitol Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, JP 17 and BP 2016 testing specifications 69-65-8 Specs MSDS
TC1159 D-Pantothenic Acid Hemicalcium Salt 98.0% Cell Culture Tested 137-08-6 Specs MSDS
TC1177 D(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate98.0% Cell Culture Tested 6138-23-4 Specs MSDS
TC1417 Daunorubicin Hydrochloride Cell Culture Tested 23541-50-6 Specs MSDS
TC1696 Deoxyribonuclease I Dnase I Source : Pineapple stem Cell Culture Tested 9003-98-9 Specs MSDS
TC1277 Dexamethasone Cell Culture Tested 50-02-2 Specs MSDS
TC1589 Dextran Sulphate, Sodium Salt Cell Culture Tested 9011-18-1 Specs MSDS
TC1578 di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate Ammonium monohydrogen dibasic Cell Culture Tested 7783-28-0 Specs MSDS
TC1596M di-Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0and BP 2016 7758-11-4 Specs MSDS
TC1596 di-Potassium HydrogenPhosphate Anhydrous (di-Potassium phosphatePotassium Hydrogen Phosphate 97.0% Cell Culture Tested 7758-11-4 Specs MSDS
TC1051 di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous (Sodium phosphate dibasic; Disodiumphosphate) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 7558-79-4 Specs MSDS
TC1051M di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0and BP 2016 7558-79-4 Specs MSDS
TC1507M di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate (Disodium phosphate dihydrate) Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0and BP 2016 10028-24-7 Specs MSDS
TC1507 di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate (Sodium phosphate dibasic dihydrateCell Culture Tested 99.0% 10028-24-7 Specs MSDS
TC1508 di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dodecahydrate (Sodium phosphate dibasicdodecahydrate) Cell Culture Tested 99.0% 10039-32-4 Specs MSDS
TC1462 Diaphorase Source : CI. Kluyveri Cell Culture Tested 9001-18-7 Specs MSDS
TC1185 Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO) Cell Culture Tested 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
TC1349 Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO), Sterile Filtered Cell Culture Tested 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
TC1450M Dimethyl Sulphoxide (See: CryoXL ? DMSO) Sterile Filtered Meets USP 41-NF 36, EP 9.0, and BP 2016 testing specifications 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
TC1303 Dispase 42613-33-2 Specs MSDS
TC1376 DL-a-Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E acetate) Cell Culture Tested 96% 7695-91-2 Specs MSDS
TC1540 DL-Dithiothreitol Threo-1,4-Dimercapto-2,3-butanediol, Cleland?s reagent, DTT Cell Culture Tested 3483-12-3 Specs MSDS
TC1377 DL-Serine 2 Amino 3 Hydroxypropionic Acid 302-84-1 Specs MSDS
TC1378 DL-Threonine (?)-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutyric acid 99.0% Cell Culture Tested 80-68-2 Specs MSDS
TC1281 Dopamine Hydrochloride Cell Culture Tested 62-31-7 Specs MSDS
TC1420 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride DOX, Hydroxydaunorubicin hydrochloride 25316-40-9 Specs MSDS