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CDH has been offering a wide range for Organic and Inorganic Solvents to the research and clinical laboratory community. Whether you need HPLC solvents, AR/ACS solvents, anhydrous solvents, or any other high-purity research grade solvents, we can provide the right product for your application.

HPLC Solvents are an extremely useful lab testing chemical which is easily obtainable in the market. Various suppliers and manufacturers of lab chemicals have responded by delivering high purity solvents and reagents generally branded for a special device method. The "spectroscopy solvent" or "HPLC Solvent" are typical examples. It is just because their own so-called "analytical grade" items are actually great for today's modern analysis and laboratory testing procedure because, mostly lab chemical suppliers are no more than that. This is why they manufacture and supply only premium quality laboratory chemicals for more effective results.

When we talk about Acetonitrile HPLC, it is the colourless liquid compound which has the simplest organic nitrile. It is well-known and best category of HPCL Solvents which is produced generally as a byproduct of manufacturing acrylonitrile. The chemical compound is utilized as a polar aprotic solvent in the butadiene purification and in organic synthesis.

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Product Code Product Name CAS Technical Data MSDS
028268 Di-ISO-Propyl Ether 108-20-3 Specs MSDS
512605 Di-ISO-Propyl Ether AR 108-20-3 Specs MSDS
508275 Dibutyl Ether AR (n-Butyl ether) 142-96-1 Specs MSDS
066405 Dibutyl Ether for Synthesis 142-96-1 Specs MSDS
508705 Dichloromethane AR 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
720950 Dichloromethane for HPLC & Spectroscopy 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
721050 Dichloromethane for Pesticide Residue Trace Analysis (Methylene Chloride) 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
721000 Dichloromethane for Spectroscopy 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
028096 Dichloromethane Pure 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
508710 Dichloromethane Specially Dried AR 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
D39663 Dichloromethane-d2 for NMR Spectroscopy 1665-00-5 Specs MSDS
510155 Diethoxymethane AR (Stabilized with (Stabilized with 462-95-3 Specs MSDS
070655 Diethoxymethane for Synthesis (Formaldehyde Diethyl Acetal, Ethylal) (Stabilized with BHT) 462-95-3 Specs MSDS
028132 Diethyl Ether 60-29-7 Specs MSDS
511080 Diethyl Ether AR 60-29-7 Specs MSDS
511085 Diethyl Ether Dry AR (Solvent Ether, Ethyl Ether) Meets Analytical Specification of AC 60-29-7 Specs MSDS
721900 Diethyl Ether for HPLC (Solvent Ether, Ethyl Ether) 60-29-7 Specs MSDS
722000 Diethyl Ether for Pesticide Residue Trace Analysis 60-29-7 Specs MSDS
510705 Diethylene Glycol AR 111-46-6 Specs MSDS
510795 Diethylene Glycol Diethylether AR (Diethyldiglycol) 112-36-7 Specs MSDS
071365 Diethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether (Dimethyl Digol, Diglyme) 111-96-6 Specs MSDS
028150 Diethylene Glycol for Synthesis 111-46-6 Specs MSDS
027522 Diethylene Glycol Mono Butyl Ether (Butyl Carbitol, Butyl Digol) 112-34-5 Specs MSDS
510940 Diethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether AR 111-90-0 Specs MSDS
026091 Diethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether for Synthesis (Ethyl Digol) 111-90-0 Specs MSDS
025618 Diethylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether for Synthesis (Methyl Digol) 111-77-3 Specs MSDS
073845 Dimethoxy Methane (Formaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal, Methylal) 109-87-5 Specs MSDS
512895 Dimethoxy Methane Anhydrous AR 109-87-5 Specs MSDS
075285 Dimethyl Carbonate for Synthesis 616-38-6 Specs MSDS
515415 Dimethyl Sulphide AR 75-18-3 Specs MSDS
926590 Dimethyl Sulphoxide (Molecular Biology Grade) 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
515505 Dimethyl Sulphoxide AR 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
728700 Dimethyl Sulphoxide for GC-HS 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
728300 Dimethyl Sulphoxide for HPLC & Spectroscopy 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
728400 Dimethyl Sulphoxide for Pesticide residue analysis 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
028216 Dimethyl Sulphoxide for Synthesis 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
515510 Dimethyl Sulphoxide Specially Dried AR 67-68-5 Specs MSDS
D54072 Dimethyl Sulphoxide-d6 (DMSO-d6) for NMR Spectroscopy 2206-27-1 Specs MSDS
522925 Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 Specs MSDS
522920 Ethyl Acetate AR/ACS 141-78-6 Specs MSDS
730900 Ethyl Acetate for HPLC & Spectroscopy 141-78-6 Specs MSDS
731000 Ethyl Acetate for Pesticide Residue Trace Analysis 141-78-6 Specs MSDS
731100 Ethyl Acetate for Protein Sequence Analysis for Biochemistry 141-78-6 Specs MSDS
028311 Ethyl Acetate for Synthesis 141-78-6 Specs MSDS
523575 Ethylene Glycol AR 107-21-1 Specs MSDS
028296 Ethylene Glycol for Synthesis 107-21-1 Specs MSDS
027932 Ethylene Glycol Mono Butyl Ether (2-Butoxy Ethanol) for Synthesis 111-76-2 Specs MSDS
028309 Ethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether (2-Ethoxy Ethanol) for Synthesis 110-80-5 Specs MSDS
029198 Ethylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether (2-Methoxy Ethanol) for Synthesis 109-86-4 Specs MSDS
025515 Ethylene Glycol Mono Phenyl Ether (Phenyl cellosolve) 122-99-6 Specs MSDS