Biological Indicators

Seeking premium quality redox indicators, indicator powders and biological indicators for medical purpose? This group combines various other biological indicators like pH indicators, metal ion indicators, indicator powders, absorption indicators, Biological indicators and redox indicators of high purity in powder form. These biological products play a prime role in performing testing and other activities related to medical purpose.

Most of the indicators are available in a power form which undergo a certain color change at a particular electrode potential. The need for reversible and fast color transform means the equilibrium of oxidation-reduction for an indicator redox system requires to be established speedily. Therefore some categories of organic redox systems can be utilized for indicator functions.

The biological indicator powder allows the growth of media. The indicator can be categorized as reversible when the reactions cycle in the operations of titration gives an item identical with the initial one.

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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
606025 1,10-Phenanthroline (Monohydrate) AR Redox Indicator 5144-89-8 Specs MSDS
606035 1,10-Phenanthroline Hydrochloride AR 18851-33-7 Specs MSDS
516535 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazone AR 538-62-5 Specs MSDS
013053 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazide 140-22-7 Specs MSDS
516525 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazide AR 140-22-7 Specs MSDS
078400 1,5-Diphenyl Carbazone 538-62-5 Specs MSDS
596575 3-Nitro Phenol Indicator AR (m-Nitrophenol) 554-84-7 Specs MSDS
594865 4-Nitro Aniline AR for Determination Of Phenol 100-01-6 Specs MSDS
020076 a-Naphtholphthalein pH Indicator 596-01-0 Specs MSDS
004100 Alizarin Cyanin Green G 4403-90-1 Specs MSDS
452905 Alizarin pH indicator AR 72-48-0 Specs MSDS
452910 Alizarin Red S AR 130-22-3 Specs MSDS
013005 Alizarin Red S pH Indicator 130-22-3 Specs MSDS
802720 Alizarin Red Solution 0.1 % w/v (Alizarin alcohol Solution) N.A Specs MSDS
013006 Alizarin Yellow GG 584-42-9 Specs MSDS
453645 Alizarin Yellow R AR for Microscopy 2243-76-7 Specs MSDS
004300 Alkali Blue (6B) (pH Indicator) 30586-13-1 Specs MSDS
802725 Alkali Blue (6B) Solution 0.1% in Alcohol N.A Specs MSDS
802727 Alkali Blue Solution Indicator for Neutralization and Saponification Number acc. to DIN 51558/559 N.A Specs MSDS
806250 Andrade's Indicator N.A Specs MSDS
461865 Barium Diphenylamine Sulphonate AR Redox Indicator 6211-24-1 Specs MSDS
027200 Borax Carmine (Grenacher) (powder) (M.S.)Bromo Cresol Green-Methyl Red.Indicator N.A Specs MSDS
810600 Borax Carmine Alcoholic Solution N.A Specs MSDS
810620 Borax Carmine Aqueous Solution N.A Specs MSDS
478455 Cacotheline AR (Redox Indicator) 561-20-6 Specs MSDS
814520 Calmagite 0.1% (w/v) Aqueous Indicator Solution for Water Hardness APHA N.A Specs MSDS
025640 Dimethyl Yellow Indicator pH 2.9-4.0 Red to Orange Yellow Carcinogenic 60-11-7 Specs MSDS
522505 Eriochrome Cyanine R AR 3564-18-9 Specs MSDS
834360 Ferroin Indicator Solution 0.1 Wt% in H2 O N.A Specs MSDS
834369 Ferroin Indicator Solution in Sulphuric Acid N.A Specs MSDS
834365 Ferroin Solution 0.025M AR (Redox Indicator) N.A Specs MSDS
028406 Fluorescein 2321-07-5 Specs MSDS
529870 Fluorescein Complexone AR (Calcein Indicator) 1461-15-0 Specs MSDS
028409 Fluorescein Sodium 518-47-8 Specs MSDS
010910 Fluorescent F 254 Indicator for TLC 68611-47-2 Specs MSDS
537695 Glyoxal Bis-(2-Hydroxyanil) AR Reagent for Calcium & Uranium 1149-16-2 Specs MSDS
024873 m-Nitro Aniline (3-Nitro Aniline) Pract 99-09-2 Specs MSDS
607005 n-Phenyl Anthranilic Acid AR redox indicator colourless to Pinkish Violet 91-40-7 Specs MSDS
516505 N,N-Diphenyl Benzidine AR 531-91-9 Specs MSDS
593590 Neotetrazolium Chloride AR 298-95-3 Specs MSDS
596915 Nitroso-R-Salt AR Sensitivity to Cobalt 1:1000000 525-05-3 Specs MSDS
029341 o-Nitro Aniline (2-Nitro Aniline) 88-74-4 Specs MSDS
596545 o-Nitro Phenol Indicator AR 88-75-5 Specs MSDS
177845 Oracet Blue (2R Indicator for Titration in Non-Aqueous Solvent) (C.I. 61110) 4395-65-7 Specs MSDS
174900 Oracet Blue B Indicator 12769-16-3 Specs MSDS
028525 p-Hydroxy Azobenzene absorption indicator 1689-82-3 Specs MSDS
150095 p-Methoxy Azobenzene Absorption Indicator 2396-60-3 Specs MSDS
029343 p-Nitro Aniline (4-Nitro Aniline) 100-01-6 Specs MSDS
596585 p-Nitro Phenol Indicator AR 100-02-7 Specs MSDS
604495 PAN Indicator AR 85-85-8 Specs MSDS
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