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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
160205 Methyl Triphenyl Phosphonium Bromide for Synthesis 1779-49-3 Specs MSDS
866180 Methyl Violet Aqueous Solution N.A Specs MSDS
020072 Methyl Violet for Microscopy N.A Specs MSDS
159205 Methyl-?-D-Xylo-Pyranoside 612-05-5 Specs MSDS
152925 Methyl-2-Amino-5-Bromobenzoate 52727-57-8 Specs MSDS
154805 Methyl-2-Chloropropionate for Synthesis (2-chloropropionic acid methyl ester) 17639-93-9 Specs MSDS
157715 Methyl-2-Naphthyl Ether for Synthesis 93-04-9 Specs MSDS
154235 Methyl-4-Bromo-Crotonate Pract for Synthesis 1117-71-1 Specs MSDS
154195 Methyl-4-Bromobenzoate 619-42-1 Specs MSDS
586215 Methyl-4-Toluene Sulphonate AR 80-48-8 Specs MSDS
157845 Methyl-5-Nitro-2-Furoate 1874-23-3 Specs MSDS
961970 Methyl-a-D-Mannopyranoside (a-Methyl-D-Mannoside) 617-04-9 Specs MSDS
157425 Methyl-a-D-Mannopyranoside for Biochemistry 617-04-9 Specs MSDS
D73026 Methyl-d3 Alcohol for NMR Spectroscopy 1849-29-2 Specs MSDS
D73206 Methyl-d3 Alcohol-d (Methanol-d4) for NMR Spectroscopy 811-98-3 Specs MSDS
157515 Methyl-m-Hydroxy-Benzoate for Synthesis 19438-10-9 Specs MSDS
029231 Methyl-p-Hydroxy Benzoate for Synthesis 99-76-3 Specs MSDS
157525 Methyl-p-Hydroxy Benzoate Sodium Salt 5026-62-0 Specs MSDS
865350 Methylamine (2m) in THF Store At 2 - 8°C N.A Specs MSDS
024970 Methylamine Soln. 40% (Monomelhylamine Soln.) 74-89-5 Specs MSDS
865630 Methylene Blue Alkaline (Loffler's) N.A Specs MSDS
865650 Methylene Blue Aqueous Staining Solution N.A Specs MSDS
585205 Methylene Blue for Microscopy AR 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
034048 Methylene Blue for Microscopy C.l. No. 52015 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
865670 Methylene Blue Gabbots Solution N.A Specs MSDS
155795 Methylene Blue Polychrome (M.S.) 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
865715 Methylene Blue Solution 0.5% for Microscopy N.A Specs MSDS
865710 Methylene Blue Tablet for Milk Testing 61-73-4 Specs MSDS
961920 Methylene Blue Trihydrate For Molecular Biology 99.0% C. I. NO. : 52015 7220-79-3 Specs MSDS
865750 Methylene Blue TS acc. to USP N.A Specs MSDS
029266 Metol for Photographic purpose 55-55-0 Specs MSDS
024992 Metronidazole for Lab Use 443-48-1 Specs MSDS
024960 Mica Flake Pract N.A Specs MSDS
160485 Microcrystalline Wax (White) N.A Specs MSDS
DI050 MICROSHELL-HWG09 Dispenser Pump (Instant hand Sanitizer) N.A Specs MSDS
160610 Micsorb 99 8006-28-8 Specs MSDS
866260 Miller's Reagent for Fluorine N.A Specs MSDS
866270 Millon's Reagent (For Protein) N.A Specs MSDS
024989 Mimosine (Leucenol) for Biochemistry 500-44-7 Specs MSDS
961020 Mineral Oil For Molecular Biology 8042-47-5 Specs MSDS
MS 2203 MKTT Novobiocin Supplement N.A Specs MSDS
MS 2281 Modified C.F.C. Selective Supplement N.A Specs MSDS
MS 2110F Modified C.P.C Supplement N.A Specs MSDS
MS 2333 Modified L.mono Selective Supplement N.A Specs MSDS
D77260 Molecular Sieve 3A, Deuterated for NMR Spectroscopy N.A Specs MSDS
D77778 Molecular Sieve 4A, Deuterated for NMR Spectroscopy N.A Specs MSDS
016905 Molecular Sieves 13X 1/16� Pellets (UOP) (formerly Union Carbide USA) 63231-69-6 Specs MSDS
160765 Molecular Sieves 3A 1/16” Pellets (UOP) (Formerly Union Carbide USA) 308080-99-1 Specs MSDS
160805 Molecular Sieves 4A 1/16 Pellets (UOP) (Formerly Union Carbide USA) 70955-01-0 Specs MSDS