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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
911020 Agarose medium EEO type II 9012-36-6 Specs MSDS
911050 Agarose medium EEO type II for Molecular Biology 9012-36-6 Specs MSDS
DI280 AIROX-ED005 (Air and surface spray disinfectant solution for preventing cross infection) N.A Specs MSDS
003550 Ajmalicine Pure 483-04-5 Specs MSDS
003570 Ajmaline Pure 4360-12-7 Specs MSDS
177190 Ajowan Seed Oil 8001-99-8 Specs MSDS
452815 Alar (B-9) AR Plant Growth Regular 1596-84-5 Specs MSDS
802390 Albert Metachromatic stains kit N.A Specs MSDS
802370 Albert's Stain A N.A Specs MSDS
802380 Albert's Stain B N.A Specs MSDS
025955 Alcian Blue 8GX for Microscopy 33864-99-2 Specs MSDS
911250 Alcian Blue 8GX For Molecular Biology C. I. No. : 74240 33864-99-2 Specs MSDS
802440 Alcian Blue Solution for Microscopy Clear, Permanent Stain for Mucin N.A Specs MSDS
025969 Aleuritic Acid 533-87-9 Specs MSDS
027898 Alginic Acid 9005-32-7 Specs MSDS
004000 Aliquat 336 ~ (Trioctyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride) 5137-55-3 Specs MSDS
004100 Alizarin Cyanin Green G 4403-90-1 Specs MSDS
452905 Alizarin pH indicator AR 72-48-0 Specs MSDS
452910 Alizarin Red S AR 130-22-3 Specs MSDS
013005 Alizarin Red S pH Indicator 130-22-3 Specs MSDS
802723 Alizarin Red S, 1% w/v aqueous indicator solution N.A Specs MSDS
802720 Alizarin Red Solution 0.1 % w/v (Alizarin alcohol Solution) N.A Specs MSDS
013006 Alizarin Yellow GG 584-42-9 Specs MSDS
453645 Alizarin Yellow R AR for Microscopy 2243-76-7 Specs MSDS
004300 Alkali Blue (6B) (pH Indicator) 30586-13-1 Specs MSDS
802725 Alkali Blue (6B) Solution 0.1% in Alcohol N.A Specs MSDS
802727 Alkali Blue Solution Indicator for Neutralization and Saponification Number acc. to DIN 51558/559 N.A Specs MSDS
802860 Alkaline Copper Tartrate Solution (Folin and wu ; Alkaline copper Soln.) N.A Specs MSDS
DM 1618S Alkaline Peptone Water N.A Specs MSDS
042010 Allantoin Fine Powder 97-59-6 Specs MSDS
042011 Alloxan Monohydrate 2244-11-3 Specs MSDS
004530 Allura Red 25956-17-6 Specs MSDS
453835 Allyl Alcohol AR (2-propen-1-ol) 107-18-6 Specs MSDS
025981 Allyl Alcohol for Synthesis (2-Propan-1-ol) 107-18-6 Specs MSDS
004550 Allyl Bromide (3-Bromo-1-Propene) (Stabilised with Silver Wire) 106-95-6 Specs MSDS
025984 Allyl Chloride for Synthesis 107-05-1 Specs MSDS
004600 Allyl Iodide (3-Iodo-1-Propene)` 556-56-9 Specs MSDS
004540 Allylamine for Synthesis 107-11-9 Specs MSDS
803142 Aluminium (Al) CPECTROSOL® Atomic Absorption Std. Soln. Contains 1000 mg/lit AAS in Diluted HCl In Accordance With NIST N.A Specs MSDS
803140 Aluminium (Al) CPECTROSOL® Atomic Absorption Std. Soln. Contains 1000 mg/lit AAS in HNO3 In accordance with NIST N.A Specs MSDS
803192 Aluminium (Al) CRISTAR® 1000 ppm Single Element Std. Soln. for ICP in HCl In Accordance With NIST N.A Specs MSDS
803194 Aluminium (Al) CRISTAR® 10000 ppm Single Element Std. Soln. for ICP in HCl In Accordance With NIST N.A Specs MSDS
027064 Aluminium (Metal) Fine Powder 7429-90-5 Specs MSDS
803190 Aluminium 1000 ppm Single Element Standard for ICP in HNO3 N.A Specs MSDS
027070 Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate 7784-26-1 Specs MSDS
454105 Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate AR 7784-26-1 Specs MSDS
004900 Aluminium Borate 11121-16-7 Specs MSDS
004950 Aluminium Bromide (Hydrated) 7727-15-3 Specs MSDS
005000 Aluminium Carbonate (Basic) 1339-92-0 Specs MSDS
027073 Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous 7446-70-0 Specs MSDS