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Product Code Product Name CAS TDS MSDS
824810 Diazo Reagent B N.A Specs MSDS
507385 Dibenzoyl Methane AR 120-46-7 Specs MSDS
065265 Dibenzyl Disulphide for Synthesis 150-60-7 Specs MSDS
065335 Dibenzyl Phosphate for Synthesis 1623-08-1 Specs MSDS
065185 Dibenzylamine for Synthesis [N,N-Bis (Methylphenyl) Amine] 103-49-1 Specs MSDS
066005 Dibromo Methane for Synthesis (Methylene Bromide) 74-95-3 Specs MSDS
508275 Dibutyl Ether AR (n-Butyl ether) 142-96-1 Specs MSDS
066405 Dibutyl Ether for Synthesis 142-96-1 Specs MSDS
066515 Dibutyl Tin Diacetate 1067-33-0 Specs MSDS
066555 Dibutyl Tin Dilaurate for Synthesis 77-58-7 Specs MSDS
066595 Dibutyl Tin Dimaleate for Synthesis 78-04-6 Specs MSDS
PCT1834 Dicamba (3,6 dichloro-o-anisic acid) 1918-00-9 Specs MSDS
DM2129I Dichloran Glycerol Agar Base N.A Specs MSDS
DM2129 Dichloran Glycerol Medium Base N.A Specs MSDS
MG2129 Dichloran Glycerol Medium Base, Granulated N.A Specs MSDS
DM2000 Dichloran Medium Base w/ Rose Bengal N.A Specs MSDS
MG2000 Dichloran Medium Base w/ Rose?Bengal, Granulated N.A Specs MSDS
VM2000 Dichloran MiVeg™ Medium Base withRose Bengal N.A Specs MSDS
DM2881 Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar (DRBC Agar) N.A Specs MSDS
825600 Dichloro Benzene / Phenol (Mixture 1:1) For Synthesis N.A Specs MSDS
068335 Dichlorodimethyl-Silane for Synthesis (Repelsilane, Dimethyldichlorosilane) 75-78-5 Specs MSDS
068435 Dichlorodiphenylsilane for Synthesis (Diphenyl dichlorosilane) 80-10-4 Specs MSDS
824755 Dichlorofluorescein indicator 0.1% w/v in 70% Alcohol N.A Specs MSDS
068605 Dichloroiso-Cyanuric Acid Sodium Salt for Synthesis 51580-86-0 Specs MSDS
508705 Dichloromethane AR 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
720950 Dichloromethane for HPLC & Spectroscopy 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
721050 Dichloromethane for Pesticide Residue Trace Analysis (Methylene Chloride) 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
721000 Dichloromethane for Spectroscopy 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
720946 Dichloromethane GC HS Grade 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
028096 Dichloromethane Pure 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
508710 Dichloromethane Specially Dried AR 75-09-2 Specs MSDS
D39663 Dichloromethane-d2 for NMR Spectroscopy 1665-00-5 Specs MSDS
D39672 Dichloromethane-d2 for NMR Spectroscopy 1665-00-5 Specs MSDS
068815 Dichloromethyl Vinyl Silane for Synthesis 124-70-9 Specs MSDS
069065 Dichlorophene Pract for Synthesis [5,5-Dichloro-2,2-Dihydroxy Diphenyl Methane, bis (5-Chloro-2-Hydroxyphenyl) Methane] 97-23-4 Specs MSDS
509565 Diclofenac Sodium AR for Lab use only 15307-79-6 Specs MSDS
070155 Dicumyl Peroxide 80-43-3 Specs MSDS
028108 Dicyandiamide Pure 461-58-5 Specs MSDS
070355 Dicyclo Hexyl Phthalate for Synthesis 84-61-7 Specs MSDS
509755 Dicyclohexylamine AR 101-83-7 Specs MSDS
028111 Dicyclohexylamine for Synthesis 101-83-7 Specs MSDS
070465 Dicylopentadiene 77-73-6 Specs MSDS
025622 Didymium Oxide 11141-21-2 Specs MSDS
509965 Diethanolamine AR/ACS for Biochemistry 111-42-2 Specs MSDS
028612 Diethanolamine for Synthesis 111-42-2 Specs MSDS
510155 Diethoxymethane AR (Stabilized with (Stabilized with 462-95-3 Specs MSDS
070655 Diethoxymethane for Synthesis (Formaldehyde Diethyl Acetal, Ethylal) (Stabilized with BHT) 462-95-3 Specs MSDS
510615 Diethyl Azodicarboxylate AR (Dad, Daed, Azocarboxylicacid Diethylester) 1972-28-7 Specs MSDS
070975 Diethyl Carbamyl Chloride 88-10-8 Specs MSDS
071125 Diethyl Carbonate for Synthesis 105-58-8 Specs MSDS